Last update: 2018.02.19 by Wojtek Pych

This archive contains bias and flatfield corrected CCD images collected at Las Campanas Observatory within the CASE project. At this time only data taken with the 2.5-m du Pont telescope and with the 1.0-m Swope telescope are available. The data may be used by interested researchers for any non-commercial purposes. If you use the CASE data for your research, please include an appropriate acknowledgment.

This work is supported by the grant DEC-2012/05/B/ST9/03931 from the Polish National Center for Science and by NSF grant AST-0507325.

ω Centauri (NGC 5139)

Data gathered using 1.0 m Swope telescope at the Las Campanas Observatory

Field E
Observing seasons
1999 2000

Field W
Observing seasons
1999 2000